Monday, 20 September 2010

Dissertation: New Proposal

I've decided that although my dissertation doesn't require that I start a blog or make use of one that I will use this space to make notes for my dissertation this should allow me to document my progress.
From working on an essay last year which looked at the subject of greenwashing in particluar looking at the food industry I did decide to continue this on. I looked at various books but found that I had pretty much exhausted the subject very early on and to be honest it was never going to keep my attention.
So I've decided to start again, I decided to look at originality in particular looking at design in identity and web design. Some writings which I had looked at previously have come in good use the Lucienne Roberts text Good: An Introduction to Ethics in Graphic Design, and Malcolm Bernard's Graphic Design as Communication.
I intend to look at ways in which Graphic Design is produced, in particular digital design and how through this process whether by using abstract language, imagery or a composition of both, the design process is a often a regurgitation of something before it. Digital design is now much more accessible, technologies for the production of design are now readily available at home, and with the internet taking design by storm it is now far easier to share and find design using the Web. I therefore intend to look at this issue relating to specific examples in digital graphic design in particular digital illustration and web design. To answer the question, is it possible to create something original that is not derived from the process of unravelling designer’s work before it?
With the subject now much more relevant to my own practice I feel this will help benefit me much more in my final year. I have also detailed a couple of new primary sourse including the Computer Arts: Graduate Showcase this week, although I have identitfied this as a primary source I may have trouble reaching London, I will however try to email the speaker Richard Tilley of Artillery design to see if he can give me any helpful bits of information.

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