Thursday, 3 December 2009

Lecture 5: Reality, Virtuality & Hyperreality

Out of all the lectures we have done this was the most hard to understand of them all, discussing the effect of the collapse of ideas of modern utopianism in the vietnam war, consumerism, colonialism,the cold war and the watergate scandal. In all honesty I did not understand.
The lecture looked at representation on the idea of a simulacra, an example would be paintings and religious depictions Jesus, which could be construed as an imitation of life looking at life beyond death, a sudo-reality. These depictions create icons which in graphic design terms could be used as a persuasion to make something appeal to a certain point of view, like in semiotics. The point being that inspite being unrealistic they are continuing depictions of iconography, wishful thinking. Another example of a simulacra is Disney depictions of life such as the castle, it is in fact a world of appearance where there is no visual reality, except of course for the real castle which is based on the fictional idea of the Disney castle. It is a version of reality which exists within a real world, yet its still remains fictional because it is not real. BigBrother could also be seen as a version of reality, the way we live our modern life can be viewed almost as if we were above in a different reality watching another.

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